Recent Projects

2020 New Paintings

Bet you never thought your own couch would kick your ass harder than the city could huh motherfucker? (I ♥ NY), 2020
Venus de Milo (study), 2020
Weapon of Choice*, 2020
*early in the process I was thinking to title this painting w the words above but along w the canvas coming to life was the crease in your lower back and I understood that it wasn’t about lingerie anymore.
Worshipping the stems you run the world / run my shit with, 2020
My eyes are sore from all the fucking they’ve been doing, 2020
French me like one of your art-bros, 2019

Tao Hua Tan 5th International Artist Retreat & Residency October 2019

Anhui Province, China

2019 ‘Goddess’ Series

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