To Bruise the Spirit of a pure-hearted woman

Is in fact spiritual suicide
As carriers of legacy are not man
It has been exemplified timelessly through the battles and triumphs
predominantly kept silent of Mothers, Sisters, Grand Mothers, Daughters

Any weapon formed against her leaves not a mere dent in her armor
but ricochets with an intense inferno
finding its precision perfectly
within the cΕ“ur of your existence

It will have you turning your back to her in bed
Not because the mattress is more firm on that side
or because your pillow is more comfortable
or because you enjoy waking up to the light from the window as usual

And damn sure not because that reassuring grasp of hers
that kept you hopeful about life
you always anticipate is coming
(it isn’tβ€”you are not deserving)

But instead in shame
knowing very goddamn well the breath
that makes up the bullshit you speak of
has no business contaminating her atmosphere

Especially as she dreams of a place
she built in her mind much prettier
and more importantly
more natural than this

When your miserably-failed attempt
of preserving your reputation
as biggest asshole in the room
didn’t quite go as planned

You can only hope
the universe spares a chance
she acknowledges your cold soul
in the next life.

To Bruise the Spirit of a pure-hearted woman, 2023-24. Digital animation. Paris, France.

Craving a taste of the forbidden fruits of my labor, 2020. Acrylic on canvas. Painted in Brooklyn, New York.

It’s not that she could love me better, it’s that she could break my heart better, 2017. Blade, marker on 35mm photograph, 7x5in. Written in Los Angeles, California.

I dream about one day writing a book on all the shit that eats me alive *It would be the most impolite thing I could ever do, 2017. Blade on 35mm photograph, 7x5in. Written in Los Angeles, California.

Never going broke my colors too damn rich, 2017. Oil, acrylic, ink, spraypaint on denim. Painted in Los Angeles, California.

Why are you so afraid of what I’ll do with the love you’re dying to (but won’t) give me?, 2017. Oil, acrylic, ink on canvas, 20x16in. Painted in Los Angeles, California.

Anything I’d live for, I’d die for & you’re killing me right now babe, 2016. Acrylic, spraypaint on canvas, 36x36in. Painted in Los Angeles, California.

Nothing is for sale everything is priceless, 2016. Spraypaint on raw canvas diptych. Painted in Los Angeles, California.

Cute girl working at the weedstore, 2016. Oil on canvas, 48x42in. Painted in Los Angeles, California.