Artist Statement

Andrew Agutos, living and working in Paris, France, is an American artist born in California who received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting/Drawing at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

Andrew paints about seeing life as poetically as possible. Whether an abstract painting or a figurative still life, his goal is to capture the energy and essence of the moment, the city, the experience, etc. Andrew’s paintings act as timestamps of every significant moment in his life.

Many of his works are titled with poems. The result is a visual/written library: depths of human emotion, snapshots of cool, connecting the dots between dreams, design, desire, cities, love, luxury.

Andrew’s overall palette is less about specific color choices and more about the broad but particular cultural fixtures he chooses to pull from and place within each canvas. Unbound by a distinct style, Andrew’s paintings are blended together by the language of color with nods to art history, the internet, rap music and fashion. Having an affinity for iconic imagery, he has designed and photographed for several fashion brands and figures—work that directly informs and relates back to his painting. 

Constantly moving and traveling, the search for understanding the intricacies of new settings directs much of his artistic approach as well as his approach to life in general. Spontaneous in nature, Andrew’s practice retains romantic sensibilities while staying determined to invent new codes that communicate in various contexts within today’s constantly evolving visual landscape.